What is aitoplay?

Aitoplay is a streaming service where content producers can easily create their own channel for sharing their videos. The content producer can either set a one-time or monthly fee for their channel, which subscribers will pay in order to see the content in question. Aitoplay gives the content producer 95% of the monetary value paid by their subscribers each month.

The benefits of the Aitoplay streaming service for the content producer:

  • It’s the content producer’s own product or service that can be sold, for example, on other social media channels.
  • Great and fast earning opportunity, 95% of the revenue (VAT 0%) opaid by subscribers on the 15th of the following month goes to the content creator.
  • The possibility to promote your own sponsors and earn 100% of the profits.
  • Aitoplay helps content producers gain visibility by marketing the content producers’ channels on social media.
  • Aitoplay does not show any of its own ads on your channel.
  • Qualified technical support available.

Your channel is your own product, which lets you earn money with every subscriber. The channel does not compete with your existing social media channels, but in best case scenario, they support each other.

Professionals in different fields can earn using the Aitoplay service in different ways:

Influencers, entertainers and social media professionals

  • Extra content behind a paywall on your Aitoplay channel. Publish some of your content on a free media platform (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and create extra content behind a paywall. Market your Aitoplay channel on your social media channels. In addition, you can download some of the videos as free content, which allows you to market Aitoplays paid content to future subscribers.
  • Make your own reality series or start a video blog. Stand out and show what your actual everyday life is behind your social media brand. Show your true self, forget about the glossy images created by social media, and let your subscribers become a real part of your life.
  • Commercialize your expertise, sell training and coaching on your channel.

Coaches and trainers

  • Create a new product, training, or a coaching course alongside remote and face-to-face training.
  • Increase sales, market remote and local training in your Aitoplay video training.
  • Make additional sells. Save clipss of the training content on the topics covered, which the trainees can review later on your channel. Market your other courses at the same time.
  • Start your own video blog.

Fundraisers (e.g., educational institutions and school classes)

  • Make a play or a show and sell it online or in the form of gift cards.
  • Make an instructional video and sell it online or in the form of gift cards.
  • Do a collaborative project with an artist. Present a concert or music video through our platform.

Artists and podcasters

  • Publish your paid content on the Aitoplay service earlier than other channels.
  • Collect your fans and supporters for your Aitoplay channel, who can order the contents for a fee, even if they are already available to watch elsewhere for free.
  • Subtitle video podcasts in English and target foreign subscribers.

How do I earn money by using the Aitoplay streaming service?

The content producer specifies a one-time or monthly fee for their channel, of which 95% will be given to the content producer by the 15th of the following month. The price of the channel for subscribers can be between 0.99 – 99 euros per month or a one-time payment. The content producer can also present their own sponsorships on their channel and earn 100% of the revenue. Aitoplay does not show its own or its partners’ ads on your channel.

There can be different forms of advertising, for example:

  • Channel or a program-specific sponsor at the beginning of the episode: “This program is provided by…
  • Ads in the middle of the episode
  • Product presentations as part of the content

The content producer is themselves responsible for all contracts related to their advertising partnerships.

Why Aitoplay streaming service?

Aitoplay does not want to compete with other media. You get the best visibility when you market your Aitoplay channel on your other social media channels. So why choose Aitoplay streaming platform among the many options? Our philosophy is that we have no business if you have no business. That’s why we help you market your channel.

  • Excellent discoverability. Aitoplay markets your latest programmes and episodes on the platforms front page.
  • Aitoplay markets your channel on social media. We market all new channels on social media. Tag Aitoplay when you advertise your channel on Instagram and we share your ad on our own channel.
  • Earn with every subscriber. We give 95% of each subscriber payment to you (VAT 0%).
  • Going global. Our intention is to become an international platform during 2023. Let’s do it together!
  • Low start-up costs. The presented videos can be filmed with a smartphone camera. You already have the tools to create your own channel.

Aitoplays channel structure

Basically, a content producer has one channel with one monthly or one-time fee that subscribers pay to view your channel content. A channel can have several programmes, for example a reality series, an education and a coaching program, as well as a video podcast. Each programme can have several episodes. We recommend that you start with one programme and expand your channel content over time in order to reach and get engaged subscribers with versatile content. Each show can contain free episodes that act as a teaser or an ad for your show.

Does Aitoplay cost to the content producer?

The content producer is charged a nominal cost so that the platform would only attract content producers who create content seriously and commit to content production in accordance with their customer promise. You can find the Aitoplay pricing here. You can get an annual contract with a -50% discount.

Why the content producer should pay for the Aitoplay channel:

  • The discoverability of your channel is excellent when there are fewer content producers on the platform compared to free video platforms. A nominal cost drives content producers away from the service who are not serious about making content. Thus, your channel will not get lost in the crowd.
  • Affordable price, starting at 49 euros per month. Annual contracts with a 50% discount.
  • You get to join a platform that is known for high-quality content and knowledgeable creators.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in starting your own channel, but you are not sure where to start, be sure to contact us at info@aitoplay.com. Let’s arrange a free remote meeting and discuss the possibilities of your channel. We will tell you how our platform works and you can ask us whatever you want. Then you can decide if you want to join us.

You can also send us a plan of the structure of your programme. We’ll give you comments about your plan and offer some practical tips. Also be sure to follow Aitoplays blogs, where, for example, Aitoplay’s own content producers speak and give advice through their personal experience.

We also cooperate with several different production professionals and students in the field. Depending on your situation, we can offer you help for editing or filming your programme.