Ten important tips for promoting your channel!

It’s good to start planning the promotion of your channel and individual episodes – at least at the idea level – whilst you’re still planning the structure of the programme. Scenes and phrases that can later be used in marketing should be planned for each episode.

If you’ve already filmed your own programme, you’re able to cut marketing material from existing footage. If necessary, you can edit the content and add speech on top of the video afterwards. Written below are ten tips on how we recommend you market your own channel.

  1. Make personal but clear cover photos for your programme as well as for each episode. Also make written descriptions of your episodes (2-3 sentences), where you explain what the viewer gets when they subscribe to your channel.
  2. Start promoting the show on your social media channels at least 2 weeks before the planned release date. Examples of initial marketing:
  • Tell that you’re going to reveal something new and exciting at a certain hour in two weeks. However, don’t tell anything specific, keep your followers in suspense.
  • State directly that you will publish your own programme on the Aitoplay streaming service on a specific date and time.
  • Create your own social media site for your programme, for example on Instagram, and try to get potential subscribers to get on to the Aitoplay website.
  1. Start the countdown on social media at least 7 days before the launch of your channel. Tell us some additional information about your programme or show teasers every day.
  2. Close to the moment of publication, use other media platforms in the marketing of your channel. Give interviews to bloggers, the press or guest on podcasts. Try to get something topical in at least one of your episodes in which other media outlets might be interested in. Also do marketing through Insta live in cooperation with other content producers.
  3. Post the first episode for free on your channel and make it as attractive as possible. Market the entire production season in this episode by telling what’s to come. At the same time, publish another episode so that subscribers have something to buy right away.
  4. Publish a teaser of the new episode on your own social media channels at least 1-2 days before the release. Tell your followers when the latest episode is published and what the subscribers get or see when they subscribe to your channel.
  5. Encourage your subscribers to comment on your videos and participate in the discussion comment section yourself. Be interactive and engage your subscribers. Make a suggestion that if a certain number of subscribers like your episodes, you will do something that seems impossible or surprising in the next production season.
  6. Contact info@aitoplay.com and we will do an interview about your programme, which will be published on our platform in the section marked ‘blogs’.
  7. Organize competitions and raffles for your subscribers. Market these on your social media channels.
  8. Tag #Aitoplay on your social media channels whenever you post something related to your channel. We’ll share your promotion on our own social media channels.

If you need help marketing your channel, please contact info@aitoplay.com. We’ll give you tips and tell you the best practices in order to succeed.