Can anyone start as a content producer on the aitoplay streaming service?

Starting as an Aitoplay content producer, you can begin without any major investments in equipment. It’s enough that you own a smartphone with which you can shoot videos and a computer which you can use to upload videos to the platform.

Most Aitoplay videos are filmed in the same way as YouTube videos are. Of course, you can also make use of more robust filming equipment. Anyone who wants to create their own channel and start earning can start as a content producer.

The quality in modern smartphone cameras tends to be good enough for you to start creating content. We recommend that you invest time and effort primarily to the script and trying to create a good story. When you gain subscribers to your channel, if necessary, you can invest in better filming equipment and further develop the concept of your programme.

We have interviewed several of our content producers and will publish blog entries about them during the spring of 2023. In these blog entries, the content producers talk about their own content productions and what kind of technology and software they use when making their programmes.

You can read these blog entries on our website in a section marked ‘blogs’. With the help of these writings, you’re able to collect the best practices to create your own programme.

Depending on the nature of your programme, you might not even need anyone else to film your show during the first phase. By holding the camera in your hand, using a tripod or a selfie stick, you can easily film yourself. The more resources you have, the more options you also have to choose your own way. Still, you shouldn’t miss out on a good programme, even if you only have a smartphone camera to start with.

Editing and the postproduction process of creating your videos is an essential part of making the programme. By editing videos, you can cut out unnecessary scenes and add effects to make your programme look more professional.

There are many free editing programs on the web that you can use to create your programme. For example, OpenShot Video Editor is free to download. Apple’s iMac computers also include the iMovie software, for which you can find several instructional videos on YouTube for example.

If you don’t have previous experience in filming or creating a programme, please contact us at We will organize a free remote meeting where we will help you get started.