Ten important tips for promoting your channel!

It’s good to start planning the promotion of your channel and individual episodes – at least at the idea level – whilst you’re still planning the structure of the programme. Scenes and phrases that can later be used in marketing should be planned for each episode. If you’ve already filmed your own programme, you’re able […]

Can anyone start as a content producer on the aitoplay streaming service?

Starting as an Aitoplay content producer, you can begin without any major investments in equipment. It’s enough that you own a smartphone with which you can shoot videos and a computer which you can use to upload videos to the platform. Most Aitoplay videos are filmed in the same way as YouTube videos are. Of […]

Structure & script for the programme

When filming a new series, it’s important that you have a well-thought-out framework for the entire production of your show. Each episode should cover a certain subject area in such a way that the same issues are not repeated multiple times in different episodes. When you think about the programme structure and episode-specific script in […]

The most important tips for building your own show!


In our previous blog, we discussed what kind of content you could create for your own channel. This time we’ll go through the basic principles of building a framework for your series that makes it work as a whole. So, let’s get down to it – how DO you create a workable structure for your […]

Are you planning to start your own program – These tips will help you get started!

First of all, define the subject area of your program. Is it for example an entertainment, coaching or current affairs programme. By knowing which category your series belongs to, you’re already off to a good start. Reality shows and vlogs are at the moment the most popular form of entertainment. ‘My day’ type videos are […]

What is aitoplay?

Aitoplay is a streaming service where content producers can easily create their own channel for sharing their videos. The content producer can either set a one-time or monthly fee for their channel, which subscribers will pay in order to see the content in question. Aitoplay gives the content producer 95% of the monetary value paid […]